Added another cowl to my steadily growing collection.
This time a short neck cowl.

Finally a chance to use that stray 1 skein of Wool Ease Thick & Quick you have laying around.


  1. encourageous said: Is this a pattern? If so, where might I find it?
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    I’m going to make this because I have a whole bunch of that yarn and really want to use it at some point and I’ll just...
  3. saphrimangel said: Can I buy one of those off ya, eh?
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    I want to knit a neck thingy like this! And then when I next go skiing my chin will be happy!
  5. somuchdependsupon said: I fricking love your hair.
  6. thecaribou said: one, you are cute. two, I wish I had seen this earlier because I JUST bought stuff for a new project already and I had everything I needed for this aaahhhgggghh.
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