Today I decided to drive to Lancaster to visit Tree and baby Jude.
While I was there I asked her to model some ear warmers for etsy. I’m not entirely sure they will sell but I figure I would try cause not everyone is a hat person. I’m kind of just annoyed with the prospect of selling on etsy this year but it does generate a bit of income for me- so I feel like I need to do it.

Anyway, Jude decided he wanted to participate so we went with it.  
Soooo, coming soon… knit earwarmer/headbands… and I will finally come back from “vacation mode” on etsy. Expect a fall sale cause I want this inventory out of my house. 


  1. brushrealityaside said: I’m gonna have to buy one of these. It’s not like it really gets that cold here, but these are adorable and I need one in my life.
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